Simple. Local. Natural.


Cookies. I've been baking them since I could read a recipe.  Countless scoops of dough.  Trays in and out of ovens.  Timers set.  Bottoms burned.  


Creating a classic cookie is a simple process that can be refined over a lifetime.  I find the ritual of cookie baking to be meditative, like a yoga practice.  Each batch is handmade and infused with care.  With each morsel, an intention is set to provide delicious sustenance to nourish the body and soul.


Simple enough goal, right?  

Folks want to know where their food is coming from.  I tend to source my ingredients from the brands I trust and have researched.  Choosing local products is a core value.  This means picking up eggs at the farmers market.  Buying flour from an independent producer rather than Amazon.  

Not all ingredients can be sourced from a square mile, or a county.  I prefer to use unsalted Tillamok butter.  West coast is as local as I can get in this case!  Why would I choose that butter?  Because I have been to the Tillamok creamery.  I observed the workers in action and I trust they are infusing the same care I put into every cookie, into every pat of butter they package.

Comfort cookies


These are the standards.  Those good, old-fashioned cookies that Grandma made.  These were the cookie fundamentals.  When I was very young, my mother said to me, "if you want the cookies, you're going to have to make them yourself."  And so I did.  By third grade I published my Snick doodle recipe in the elemtary school fundraiser cookbook.  The misspelling stuck and it's a favorite flavor among family and friends.


I take requests


What if your cookie could be like your pizza?   The Check-Box cookie was born from that simple desire.  Using a fantastic base dough, the possibilities are endless and that's how I came to discover the sublime pleasure of Dark Chocolate with dried Acai Berries.  Tasty and purportedly full anti-oxidents.  

Signature cookies


Cookie making is a creative process and a fantastic forum for experimentation.  With the most scientific methods available in my kitchen and tons of cookie taste testing, I have fine tuned some special tastes you won't likely find elsewhere.  Cookies like Pucker Up!  The juiciest citrus cookie your taste buds can salivate for.